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Paola Paronetto and collection Paper Clay


I first discovered Paola Paronetto a couple of years ago at one of the Maison & Objet exhibitions in Paris. Her work is truly beautiful and it’s great to see the collection growing. Paola works mostly with paper clay and her work is very contemporary. Back then in 2013 when I first saw her work, the sculptures were mostly in really strong colours (you can see my photo here). My love for her work hasn’t changed a bit, in fact it’s grown stronger. The new neutral tones and more organic colours are beautiful. Her work is unique and every sculpture different. Below you can see the beautiful Paper Clay collection.

When Paola created the collection she was inspired by cardboard. She didn’t want the collection to look like ceramics. I think she’s achieved that and she’s frequently asked what material she’s used. I’m sure you’ll love these beautiful, unique sculptures and the setting too. What an incredible backdrop and how perfect does it all look together?!



PParonetto_Cartocci-Colori Terra_1

PParonetto_Cartocci-Colori Terra

PParonetto_Cartocci-Colori Terra_3

Photos were provided by Paola Paronetto with kind permission. Photo credits Studio Auber.

Paola works in an amazing studio in the countryside, where she was born in Pordenone, Italy. To me it’s obvious that she’s inspired by nature and her beautiful surroundings. Her work really reflects that. She’s somebody who likes to experiment and I think she’s truly found her own style. What do you think? I love her work!

Paola Paronetto

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  1. Wow-fabulous work-thanks for sharing Hege! X