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Pink n’girly..


which I’m not at all.. 🙂 Are you?!
Thank you so much to all of you for leaving messages! I read them all. 
So sorry for not being able to look at other blogs just now.. 
My shoulder still won’t allow me to sit infront of the computer for a long time.  
Thank you so much to Mariela and Laura for giving me a Versatile blogger award. 
You’re both sweet!
I’m so glad I started blogging! I worried about it for a quite a while before I went for it.. 
Have a lovely evening all!

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  1. I'm not really girly either, but sometimes a touch of it is just right. I love your collection of pink pics!

  2. Ingeborg says:

    Jeg er rosa, men ikke for enhver pris, ligner mest på det siste bildet. Men så er jeg også så mange andre farger, jeg skifter en del.

    God bedring til deg, skulderplager er ikke godt.


  3. Jeg er heller ikke så veldig rosa, men i veldig små doser kan det være fint 😉
    God bedring, håper du blir bedre i skuldra snart 🙂
    Ha en fin lørdagskveld!
    Klem Camilla

  4. Niina says:

    I'm girly only in small doses. Hope your shoulder gets better soon, but take care of your health first, then the blog world 🙂

  5. Norwaystyle says:

    Om sommeren er jeg rosa, rød/lilla til jul, gul til påske osv

  6. michele says:

    i'm girly, i'm girly. but not obnoxious pink pretty pony princess girly. just a romantic mindset, some pale blush in the wardrobe, and feminine interests.

    lovin the images and sending you good vibes to chase away pain.