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Pink spring magic


One of my spring favorites, after the cranes migrating over our house in their thousands, is when the pink flowers are out. Spring is my favourite season, so when I’ve seen those two things I know spring is finally here. This is my little bit of pink magic and nature at it’s best. It’s simple, but sometimes less is definitely more. 
Hege in France pink spring magic

Hege in France pink spring magic

Hege in France pink spring magic

Hege in France pink spring magic

Hege in France pink spring magic
Don’t you just love spring?

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  1. Nyyydelig, rett og slett nydelig. 🙂


  2. blooms says:

    Spring is also my favourite season!!!
    Quellles belles fleurs ici!!!
    Très belles photos, j'adore ce rose et ce blanc pur…

  3. Very beautiful!!! Love it aswell..although we are still in a snow landscape ;-s

  4. Nydeleg! Vår er også min favoritt men her lavar snøen ned…
    Klem mari

  5. Awena Robert says:

    Beautiful bouquet of pink flowers. I am also into pink flowers at the moment. I can't wait for Spring to finally arrive and stay!!! Have a good day.

  6. Mariela says:

    Beautiful, can't wait for spring and the beautiful happy flowers : )
    Have a lovely day!
    Big hug!!

  7. Lauren says:

    Merci Hedge pour ton commentaire, oh oui très jolies photos …. le printemps … cette pureté rose et blanche …
    I Like !

  8. Tibs says:

    Beautiful! The pink flowering branches in spring are my favourite ones too!

  9. I love spring! Me as a Brazilian, I am fed up with this eternal winter in NYC !


  10. Villa Wonka says:

    Nydelig bilder! 🙂
    Vår er absolutt min favoritt årstid også. Er så godt å ha hele våren og sommeren og se frem til 🙂

    Ha en fin kveld!
    Klem Kristin

  11. Elv's says:

    beautiful these pictures!!! Looking forward to spring… :-))

  12. Lena says:

    Less is often more, and in case of pink very often;) No seriously, the pictures are beautiful and I'd love to have those simple twigs with pink blossoms in my house… Can't wait for the first signs of spring! Enjoy it!

  13. Åpent hus says:


  14. Lynda says:

    I do! but to be honest, I love all seasons ;), and pink flowers are my favourite, we had several of those trees in front of our house and when the flowers were reading blossoming and started to fall down it looked like pink snow!!!

    happy weekend!


  15. Wow Hege, this pics are amazing! Beautiful!

    Love Lisanne