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Posh Christmas


How fancy is this? I love this place!!!! It reminds me of our first home in France (an old barn with stone walls and beams). To me this French and Nordic mix looks just perfect. There’s just a little hint of Christmas here and sometimes that’s all you need. 
photo from Nuevo Estilo
Tomorrow I’ll show you my traditional Christmas which is quite the opposite of this.

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  1. Anneke says:

    Love it! Next week I will be in the North of Spain where friends of my have a little home with walls like this. Sooooo nice! X

  2. Åh smelt! Helt enig…..perfekt blanding. Ønsker deg en riktig god jul, og et spennende nytt år på alle måter. Juleklem fra meg

  3. Love this picture! The blue sofa is just the perfect colour against the warm, rough stone wall, both in colour and fabric texture. Really like contrasts like this. The mini Christmas trees are nice too!
    Merry Christmas!