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Product review easyGrow™


This weekend we tested the new B&Q easyGrow™ concept. I thought I would have to help Magnus (6 years old, sorry I mean 6 and 3/4!), but he was happy to do it all by himself. When he finished he actually said – I want to plant some more. 
The new Teabag Technology™ is more enviromentally friendly, less messy and it’s seriously easy. The plants come in “teabags” and are ready to be planted either in the ground or in pots.  As we don’t have a garden, because we live in a flat, we planted some flowers in window boxes. They’ll look nice and colourful very soon. 
There’s no mess and no chance of damaging the plants. Some of the roots had already grown through, so you can see how well the teabags work. It took Magnus about 5 minutes to plant one window box and that was with me taking lots of photos too. 
I think this is a great new concept and would definetely recommend it. From an early age Magnus has been helping me in the garden and we used to grow all kinds of things when we lived in France. I think it’s great to see kids enjoying the outdoors and getting an understanding of how it all works. Now all we have to wait for is the flowers to come out. I don’t think it’ll be too long.

Do your children like taking part in the garden? 
The plants in this post were sponsored by B&Q

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  1. mel says:

    Hi Hege, these are the most adorable photos! And YES my 4 year old is so interested in gardening right now. He's learning about plants at preschool and planting lots of seeds with his friends. I'll check this easy grow product out, hope we can get it over here. M xx