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Roof blinds for VELUX windows


Thinking about natural light (as I do a lot or the lack of it sometimes), I came to think of the VELUX roof lights we had in the old barn we renovated when we first moved to France. When it was just the two of us and the room was used as an office, the natural light was amazing and I loved it. Then we had baby Magnus and the room became his bedroom. The bright light was fine in the morning, but when we tried to put him to sleep it wasn’t always so great, as the room was too bright. It’s just not natural to sleep in a bright room and I guess it didn’t really help that the nursery had bright white walls either. The sun in France was so bright, not that I’m complaining, but like I said earlier, sleeping in a bright room isn’t ideal.

I found these beautiful roller blinds that would have been perfect for his bedroom. At the time, I didn’t even know this was an option. We had to block out the light with cardboard (I know, classy right?!), but like I said I never even thought that there was an option of a blind for a roof window. It’s funny how some things just don’t even cross your mind isn’t it? I’ve even found insect screens, which would have been great too.

Roof blinds for VELUX windows

Roof blinds for VELUX windows

velux roof blinds in the nursery

Images from Vtwonen

I’ve even found a children’s Disney collection, which is super cute. You can see more of that collection here. I think I would have gone for the cute planes, as I know he would have loved them when he was little.

There are so many things to learn about blinds. Blackout energy saving blinds was a new one for me, so I had to read about them. Basically the aluminium coating improves insulation and keep the heat in. I think that’s really impressive and a great energy saving option too of course. Our barn was freezing cold in the winter, so I think these blinds would have worked really well.

Want to find out more? Then you can read more about the different options for roof blinds here.


This post was written in collaboration with VELUX, all views are my own.


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