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Rustic cheese board styling


When we lived in France we took a lot of things for granted. As we lived in the country side, local produce was available everywhere you went. Things like goats cheese, meats and nice vegetables was a part of every day living. Here, the food is different, so we’re trying to get back into eating some things we really enjoyed whilst in France. At the weekend I went to George Mewes Cheese in Glasgow and bought some really lovely cheeses. I went for a goats cheese and a Parmigiano-Reggiano Parmesan cheese (I know it’s Italian, but so good!).

I recently bought this lovely reclaimed slate cheese board from Duckydora. It’s got amazing colours and texture that really adds to the table. With a bit of aromatic scented thyme, my rustic table smelled gorgeous. We also had ginger ale, which I really enjoy. I love eating things that are a bit different and when it’s as tasty as this, even better. I’ve kept the brown bottles to use as vases. They’re very cute. I removed all the labels.

cheese board for two cheese board goats cheese cheese board goats cheese

slate cheese board

slate cheese board

My black cutlery is from Amara. If you want to order a fork or spoon for styling you can. I think it’s great that you can order individual pieces. They have it in gold too.  You can order the slate cheeseboard from Duckydora

I was really lucky to inherit my Gran’s dinner set. Love it!



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