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Today Magnus and I went to the shops to have a look in the sale. 
(we were only there for 5 hours ha ha! He thinks we went to 24 shops! 
He’s probably not far off…)

Here are some of the things we got.. 
A lovely black and grey blanket for our bed. 
This top was marked down 80%, so it cost me 2€.. and I’ll be making a cushion out of it.. 🙂
I got the largest size they had..

and some summer clothes for him and me. 
Love the sales!

Poor husband only came away with this.. 

Quite nice though.. 
It’ll be good to have in the car as it’s now suddenly 34 degrees again.. 
Very very HOT!

And, yes thank you, we had a lovely time yesterday. 
Welcome to new members!

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  1. michele says:

    loving the blanket!

    smiles to you, bargain hunters!


  2. Så lurt da å gjøre toppen om til pute, blir sikkert kjempefin. Ser ut som du har gjort noen gode kupp. Salg er moro når man finner noe brukandes. Ser det er varmt nedover i Europa, vi reiser til Kroatia i morgen 34 grader der også. Kommer vel til å bo i sjøen. 🙂

    Sommerklem fra Kari

  3. &SUUS says:

    What a great idea to buy the biggest size top they had, to make a cushion out of it! Original.
    Can' wait to see the result.

    Nice evening!

  4. tinajo says:

    Great finds! 🙂

  5. I love your blanket! Nice catch!! And I'm still a fan of your iron chair 🙂

  6. Det her må vel sies å ha vært en nyttig dag 🙂

  7. bravo pour tes belles trouvailles!!!
    belle journée hege!!!