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via 16house
Did you notice how good the black chairs look next to the wooden table?!
Thank you so much for your messages yesterday!!!!
We’re going to a huge bric-à-brac this morning. 
Have you got any plans?
Have a nice day! 

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  1. Villa Wonka says:

    Fine og inspirerende bilder!
    Jeg må bare si at du har en kjempe fin blogg, og har fort blitt en av mine favorittblogger 🙂

    Ha en super helg!
    Klem Kristin

  2. Elv's says:

    Beautiful inspiration! Black chairs look wonderful next to the table…. Love it…. Have it myself 😉 have a wonderful day… Looking forward for your plans! X

  3. tinajo says:

    Looks amazing – enjoy your plans today! 🙂

  4. Potrina says:

    Så lekker inspirasjon!! Suger det til meg 🙂

    Fin lørdag til deg!

  5. Elsker kontrasten i mørke gulv mot hvite vegger!! Ha en fabelaktig lørdag 🙂 Klemmer

  6. Så fin inspiration. Liker verkligen väggen med vinduene.

    Här blir det konsert med Lenny Kravitz ikväll.
    Ha en fortsatt fin helg!

  7. Mariela says:

    Yes I notice!!, they look really great, when my husband made the dinning table I decided to paint our chairs black and I'm very happy with the result, love the floor too, have a wonderful weekend!, big hug!

  8. Annie says:

    beautiful combination with black chairs,
    it looks wonderful!
    tnx for the inspiration