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Slow and mindful living


I think, as 2018 was such a busy and incredibly quick year, for many of us 2019 will be a slow and mindful year. It doesn’t mean no work, of course, I happen to absolutely love what I do. I’m talking about being conscious about taking time out. This will mean something different for all of us. For some it might be reading a book or a magazine, going to yoga, switching the phone off at a certain time or lighting a candle. Spending time with family and friends, cooking together or whatever it might be, it’s important to slow down sometimes.

I often find myself on a Friday with a messy house, no cooking plans and lots of work to finish. This year, and I’m doing well so far, I have a goal to have a clean and tidy house and some kind of dish planned for Friday evening, along with no work. So for tonight it’s a roast chicken and I’ll finish work no later than 5pm. Sounds good? It’s actually possible if you plan better. I’m slowly learning how. Anyway, I want to show you a few things on my radar just now.


First up, it’s new Magazine Yunomi. This is definitely one to watch! Edited by Marie Boyard, this bi-annual publication celebrates individuality, creativity and craftsmanship. I can’t wait to sit down and read it properly tonight with no distractions. It looks beautiful and the photography in this magazine is simply stunning.

slow and mindful living

beautiful magazine Yunomi styled with winter leaves

photo by me

Slow decorating

Tiffany from Curate and Display wrote a brilliant post about slow decorating that I would recommend reading. I couldn’t agree more with what she’s says and I too think rushing into things is the wrong thing to do. Slow decorating is a great approach. We’ve still got quite a few things to finish here, a year and a half after moving in.

slow and mindful living

slow decorating flatlay

Photography © Tiffany Grant-Riley

My Pinterest account has now been taken over by dried flowers, soft beige and rusty reds and I absolutely love it! I have mostly white walls and I’m not going to paint them all beige in a hurry. Saying that though, I think my office will change a lot in the next few weeks. I need somewhere inspiring to work from and have a few ideas of what I would like to change. More about that soon.

slow and mindful living

recent Pinterest obsessions

find all images on my Pinterest account here

If you like architecture, you’ll like this post by Est Living. Best of Est 2018: Top Ten International Designers, read the post here. Designer Vincent Van Duysen was on the list and the apartment at Graanmarkt 13. It’s such a beautiful apartment and I have been lucky to visit it. It’s actually breath taking. See more from the stunning space here.

Time to say bye for me, as it’s 5pm. Hope you have a great weekend! x

slow and mindful living

slow living with candles

photo by me



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