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#StyleAtMine DIY challenge


#styleatmine diy challenge atmine

So you might be wondering what this is! I’ve been asked by the lovely ladies from at{mine} to share a DIY. This is my sneak peek of an easy project. You’ll get the full DIY on at{mine} blog. Any idea what I’ve made?! It’s a nice trendy shirt, isn’t it?! Not any more! I’ve turned it into something better! 

You’ll also find 3 other tutorials on the at{mine} blog this month. I’m co-hosting with Mette Jakobsen from Monstercircus, Janice Issitt from Life & StyleAllison Sadler and founder of the ‘Make it Sewcial‘ community. 

But it’s not all about us! at{mine} is a global community for interior lovers and they run monthly challenges. On the first day of every month you’ll discover the theme of the month. This month you can take part in the #StyleAtMine DIY challenge. I can’t wait to see your DIY projects! Find out how to take part below and share your DIY projects with the at{mine} community!

JOIN IN #StyleAtMine:

Competition guidelines:
  • On atmine.com:
    • Upload your DIY project to the ‘DIY‘ category
    • Use #StyleAtMine in your comment
  • On Instagram:
  • Upload on both channels to up your chances!
  • Entries accepted until Apr-28, worldwide entry
  • Four winners receive a personalised DIY care package by one of the competition hosts

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