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SUKHI and Beni Ourain rugs


I received a press release from new company Sukhi a couple of days ago. The press release had Beni Ourain rugs in it, so obviously I kept reading. It’s still my favourite type of rug. They became trendy a couple of years ago, but I would still really like one and I keep pinning images with this type of rug in them. This style is my favourite.

Beni Ourain rugs are originally from Morocco and are also referred to as Berber rugs. I thought it was quite interesting reading about it, so I’ve decided to share. The reason they are called Berber is because that’s the name of inhabitants from North Africa. In fact Beni Ourain is the name of one of many tribes, whom live in the Atlas mountains. The rugs were traditionally made to protect themselves from the cold. With 100% sheeps wool, I’m sure they’re nice and warm. In fact, the rugs were not intended to be rugs at all, but rather as something to sleep on or to be used as a cover. I think this is really interesting. This is also the reason why the texture is looser than a normal rug and I guess why they feels so comfy. I mentioned that the rugs are made of sheeps wool, but it’s not just any sheep wool, the sheep are from the Atlas mountains and they are a local bread. This of course makes the Beni Ourain rugs special.
Sukhi and Beni Ourain rugs

Sukhi work in a way I’ve noticed companies like Made.com work, they take your order and then order that amount of products directly from the producer. This of course cuts out the middle man and you don’t need storage space. It’s a more efficient way of working, when you work on a large scale. It makes costs go down, as well as the price for consumers.

Sukhi also has different types of rugs felt ball rugs and patchwork rugs and lots of other kinds. Here are some of the photos included in their press release.


alfombras_interiors_web_ DHRUV groen-bruine-vintage-bank-tapijt

all photos by Sukhi

Which kind of rug is your favourite? I’ve got a RUG board on Pinterest, if you want to have a look. You’ll notice that Beni Ourain or Berber rugs are pinned a lot. They are definitely on the top of my rug list.

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  1. Elin says:

    Takk for samarbeidet Hege! Vi elsker bloggen din, og blogginnlegget ble kjempefint! 🙂

  2. Hege says:

    Koselig aa hoere, Elin. Tusen takk! Fantastiske tepper! x