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Sunday morning with Løv Organic Tea


I love lazy Sunday mornings. It’s the only morning I’m not rushing off somewhere, so it’s nice to spend it at home and relax. My favourite thing to do is to read magazines. This morning was really dark, so it’s definitely autumn now. Our view has changed dramatically the last couple of weeks and there are hardly any leaves left on the trees outside. 
This couldn’t have been better timed. I was contacted by Løv Organic and asked if I wanted to try their tea. It came at a really good time because we’ve stopped buying coffe. We were drinking too much coffee and decided to stop, so instead we only drink tea at home. (Ok, I admit to having coffe when we go out to a coffee shop, but only then.)
There are 43 of different blends of Løv Organics Tea and they smell gorgeous! They come in very cute tins and there are refills to buy when the tins are empty. 
When I opened the Winter in LØV tin my instant thought was Christmas! The smell is gorgous! As I’m trying to come up with some Christmas ideas just now, that suits me just fine. It’ll get me in the mood. 

Løv actually means leaf in Norwegian and the ø is pronounced like a French e, so there you go a little language lesson today. Not bad on an interior design blog. 

I think a tin of Løv would be really nice as a Christmas present. It’s just so good and I really mean that. Best tea I’ve ever tasted. 

 Have a nice Sunday!

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