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Minimal Table Setting with Sustainable Table Mats

Sustainable Tableware by LIND DNA 


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One of my favourite things to do at home is table styling. I could literally spend hours styling the table for a family meal. Or simply just to sit and enjoy the view. It’s amazing how easy it is to give the dining table a fresh look with different tableware. And the newest addition to our table this summer is a set of the latest minimalist table mat designs from LIND DNA. They’re called ‘CORE’ in flecked anthracite and look so sophisticated, don’t you think?

Minimalist Placemats from LIND DNA

Anyone living in Scandinavia will instantly recognise the signature Curve mat from the LIND DNA collection. Even though they only arrived on the scene in 2013, thanks to designer and founder Preben Lind, they’ve already made a huge impression in many Nordic homes.

Minimalist place mats aren’t an easy thing to find – and I need to protect our dining table from the day to day rigours of living! This new CORE collection is so cleverly done. They’re actually made from granulated core leather which is then pressed with natural rubber (the type you find in trees).

I love the flecked effect you get from the natural leather grains, the sweeping, organic curves. Best of all, they’re going to last us forever and can take any spills. Not only do the dinner mats look good, but they are also easy to clean.

With sustainability and zero waste at the heart of the company, all Curve mats are made from eco-friendly OEKO-TEX certified recycled vegetable tanned leather. Saved as left overs from the fashion and furniture industry, the leather mats are produced in Aarhus, Denmark.

If tablemats aren’t your thing, check out the beautiful collection of wooden boxes and black ceramic plates which also mimic the shape of the Curve collection. Definitely next on my list…

Minimal Table Setting with Sustainable Table Mats a breakfast table setting using Sustainable Table Mats by LIND DNA Minimal Nordc table setting with sustainable table matsNeutral coloured table setting with antracite table matsSustainable Table Mats by LIND DNASustainable table mats made from leather leftovers

See more from LIND DNA and their great sustainable tableware collection.

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