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Have you ever noticed yourself wearing similar colours and styles to what you decorate your home with? It doesn’t always work that way, but interiors and fashion tend to go hand in hand, influencing each other as certain trends and colour palettes become popular. I definitely feel more confident in minimal pieces with a more muted colour range.

I’m not keen on following fast-moving fashion trends but I love brands that stick to their identity and keep it fresh with cuts, silhouettes and detail. Joseph is one such brand that I’ve always admired for their elegant, minimal roots. And in the same way interiors are focusing on earthy, grounding colours, so too is Joseph’s current collection. There are deep browns, rich, rusty reds and soothing shades of blush, beige and coffee. All these colours tie in beautifully with the grounded interior style. Those focused on quality, well-made materials with a timeless appeal.

This Autumn’s collection combines Joseph’s signature masculine and feminine blend of style with a mix of French chic and classic British heritage. Elegant and modest, there are fluid and pleated silks, textured knits and glossy leather pieces.

As we head towards the season’s transition, layering is key. I particularly love how fluid trousers and paired with a skirt in the same colours over the top. Knitted long length ponchos with a structured high neck are great worn as a formal outfit as well as something more lounge-worthy.

Then there are the timeless pieces that I think everyone should have in their wardrobe – a simple, classic blouse and a cashmere knit to throw on when it gets a little chilly.

This collection is really versatile which, given our current times where many of us are spending more time at home, it’s great to have everyday pieces that you can dress up if you feel so inclined. Do you have a favourite look?

Press images from JOSEPH.

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