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The UK’s changing interest in DIY


I came a cross this interesting research by Ronseal. For more results click here. Apparently it was assumed that the UK has as a nation has become lazy when it comes to DIY. Well, this research proves that it’s not true. We still love DIY. I’m not too surpirsed by the results, women appear to take on a stronger role than men, especially in the decision to start a DIY project. It’s exactly how it is in our home, but then again I might have an unusual interest in DIY. 

I do admit that I sometimes get frustrated with DIY projects, but I think it’s important not to take on a project you don’t think you can accomplish. If the project is too difficult then it just becomes a chore and it’s not fun at all. Sometimes we do need help. Then again I do feel good when I manage to do something I didn’t think I would be able to do. 
I can think of plenty of fun DIY projects, but I guess a lot of them are not things we need and they defenitely couldn’t be concidered as maintenance. 

I guess my Decoration Frequency would be in the 3% part of this chart…  Well, I embrace change! Magnus has grown up to accept it. I think he kind of likes it too. 
all images by Ronseal
Do you have a DIY project at the moment? I’ve always got lots of projects I’m working on. I’m really pleased with my last project. My plywood shelf. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be – that’s always a bonus!

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  1. I currently have about 3 projects that I'm working on, tiling the bathroom, re-flooring my office.craft room, and trying desperately and failing to create a lovely calm bedroom to relax in. And yes its always my idea to start a diy project, mu hubby has no interest in it at all.

  2. I guess my lifestyle is DIY…most of my spare time besides family life I work on some projects…Its my way to relax and get my mind of other things.

  3. Hege Morris says:

    Sounds great, Samantha. It's totally the same here..

  4. Hege Morris says:

    I agree with you, Katja. Great way to relax. .