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The winners are


1. &Suus
Hege in France DIY Christmas challenge winner &SUUS
Hege in France DIY Christmas challenge Lekker Fris
Hege in France DIY Christmas challenge Regards et Maisons
Thank you so much to all of your for participating and voting. 
Also, a big thank you to our sponsors! 

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  1. Hi Hege,
    I've just found your blog. It's so interesting.
    I Look forward to your new post.
    Have a nice day

  2. Miranda says:

    Jeeeej!!! I won the 2nd price! Thank you so much Hege!!
    And a big hug for my friend &Suus who won the 1st price 🙂 XXXXX you go girl!

  3. Félicitation aux deux premieres gagnantes et heureuse for me. Merciii Hege et aux sponsors.

  4. Gunstig says:


  5. Anneke says:

    Wauwatosa! That's nice: two of my favorite bloggers have won the first and second prize.
    Thanks for your inspiration and I am looking forward for a newt challenge.
    Congratulations to all!

  6. Dear Hege again thank you for organize this great challenges. And off course for my prize! I won….wooohhooeeee!
    And congratulations to my dear friend and master in DIY projects Miranda and the third price winner Regards et maisons.

    Have a great evening to u all!

  7. Thats so nice, Congratulations Suus, Miranda and Regards et Maisons. It's so true you deserve to win this competition! 🙂 Enjoy!