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Tuesday Tips – Adding walls


This has been one of my “I have to try this” projects since we lived in Edinburgh, Scotland about year 2000. Yes, I wripped this out of a copy of Livingetc back then and I still have it on my wall. It must have been very much ahead of it’s time with the concrete. I fell in love with this photo and have kept it ever since. In this bedroom they have added a wall and the dressing area is behind it. Brilliant. 
photo Livingetc
In our next home I would love to add a wall behind the bed and have my office there. It would be like a secret little place. Not that I would want it to be secret, but it would be out of the way and you wouldn’t know it was there. The bedroom wouldn’t feel cluttered as the desk and all that goes with it would be hidden behind the wall. It’s also a way of not needing another room.  
Photo Espen Grønli

Photo Armelle Habib

If you prefer you could of course do something much more simple by adding curtains behind the bed. This is also a great way of faking a four poster bed. Put up four curtain poles in the ceiling and hang your curtains… It doesn’t get much easier than that. 
Hope you’ve enjoyed todays Tuesday Tips. 🙂

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  1. Åpent hus says:

    så fint
    særlig første bilde


  2. Yes, great place to put a dressing or bathroom, as well. I really like this idea of a half-way wall (well it's more than half-way). In a living room it creates more wall-space to put furniture or artwork …

  3. Svenja says:

    I like both adding curtains and walls… I also think the idea is brilliant! Especially with a window with great view in front of the bed 😉
    Have a nice day !!

  4. Lena says:

    Nice idea – If we had a bigger bedroom I'd love to do the same. I like the walls with a different and interesting texture – it seems more like a huge painting, a piece of art in itself.

  5. Jaaaaa helt fabelaktig, ideen tatt opp til vurdering. Vi har ganske stor plass på soverommet og mangler oppbevaringsplass. Nå skal jeg finne fram meterstokken og se om dette kan la seg gjøre.

    Klemmer til deg

  6. Hege says:

    Så gøy! Fortell fortell!
    klem hx

  7. Of course we do!

    I hope you are feeling better… I am sending good vibrations to you!

    Take care.

  8. Christina says:

    Yes, I've been trying to work out a plan to do this in our bedroom to build a closet behind the bed. Can't decide whether to put up a wall or use curtains yet.

    Love your inspiration photos, pinning them now… 🙂

  9. Marcella says:

    I also really love this idea. I would love to have it with a badroom behind the wall. But I live in a city (Amsterdam), so I have to deal with small spaces 😉

    I really love the first photo too, what a great texture! Thanks for sharing this photo!

  10. mel says:

    I love your Tuesday Tips Hege! Yes this is such a great idea… Our next door neighbour in sydney did this behind their bed to allow for a walk in style wardrobe without ruining the beautiful ornate ceilings – genius! Mel x

  11. Katrin says:

    LOVE the last picture! Great tips, as always!