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Tuesday Tips – Cake stand DIY


I know it’s not a new thing and I’ve seen plenty of diy cake stands before, but I had never tried it. It’s so ridiculously simple I’m annoyed at myself for not trying sooner. I bought a candlestick and a plate in black and white from the new range at IKEA. I also bought really strong glue. I opted for super glue, but there are other alternatives too. 
It being Tuesday my cake stand has got apples on it, so I guess it’s more like a fruit stand. (We’ll see what happens at the weekend I think it might turn into a cake stand..)
It’s so simple I feel stupid telling you what I did, but I’ll do it anyway. 
I put glue on both the plate and the candlestick. Then pressed the two together.. and yes, that’s it.. What for a few minutes before you turn it around and you should have yourself a new cake / fruit stand. 
Tuesday Tips will be back next week. 
Thanks for coming by!
ps! I did not plan to wear a stripy jumper it was purely a coincidence I promise!

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  1. Looks really nice :). I like the black and white and the simple, but still decorative look

  2. quelle belle idée!! merci hege!!! 😉

  3. Juliana says:

    Super simple et super mignon!!!!! 🙂