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Tuesday Tips – Cross stitch trend


Cross stitching is not at all a new thing, but it seems to have changed slightly and it’s now trendy. Not just in interiors, but also in fashion. I know, I was thinking the same thing.. boring right, but no I’ve actually found some really fab stuff. I think it’s been taken a step further than our traditional cross stitched cushion covers. I do remember my Grandad had one in his car.. hm.. 

This is an oversized hand-made embroidery rug made of felt. You can choose your pattern and cross stitch all you like. Looks like fun to me!

Charlotte Lancelot also designed the cross stitched collection for GAN. I first discovered GAN at Maison d’Objet

photo GAN 

A cross stitch carpet. If you have a concrete floor you could of course make your own by painting it. 

photo Newkantoor

Sew you’re own front door mat. You make one of these by using a hammer and a nail to make holes. 

photo IKEA

A cross stitch head board. Here you would of course need to drill the holes first or ou can buy it on Etsy. 

Stedi on Etsy

There are even kits available.

Stedi on Etsy

and lots of free cross stitch fonts and patterns. 

I did a quick cross stitch DIY this morning. I simply downloaded a free cross stich font. Chose the letter X and made it size 250. Printed it out and put the printed X over the cover of my notebook. I then drew all the crosses with a pencil. I made sure I could see the marks on the book cover and then I used a white chalk board felt pen to draw (or write) my X. EASY!

photos by me

I wrote about Eline Pellinkhof in July last year and I still think her projects are beautiful. 
photos by Eline Pelinkhof
I also found a cool Halloween canvas cross stitch tutorial by Decor Hacks
You’ve got to love the dog.
photos by Decor Hacks
You can even get an Iphone cross stitch case. 
Irish Design Studio Superfolk has taken the cross stitch trend even further. Instead of benches they stitch together stools. I think this must be my favourite. 
photo by Superfolk
So I don’t think we can say that cross stitch is boring any more. Hope you’ve found some inspiration in my Tuesday Tips post. If you have any relevant projects please link below so we can have a look. Will you be following the cross stitch trend? 

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  1. Mariela says:

    I love these images, great idea!!
    Hope you have a great day!
    Big hug!!

  2. Wauw Hege what a beautiful post with al the different ideas for the cross stitch!

    Thanks and have a great evening!
    X Suus

  3. Frk Elton says:

    Såå kult! Fikk skikkelig lyst til å lage noe med korsting asap!
    Dette mååå testes ut! Takk for herlig inspirasjon 🙂
    Ha en fin kveld!

  4. Krossmyra says:

    Utrolig stilig! Må nok prøves ut en gang…
    Ha en fin kveld!

  5. mel says:

    My grandmother used to love cross stitching but these ideas are certainly more appealing than the cottage houses she would stitch:) Love the printout you did! M x

  6. Lauren says:

    J'aime beaucoup cette manière de faire évoluer le point de croix !