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Tuesday Tips – DIY Towel holder


I love discovering new DIYs, so when I saw this cool project I had to share. This Tuesday Tips is a DIY towel holder made with an old leather belt and two wooden sticks. You can get the sticks from your DIY store (or alternatively you could use a curtain rail or copper pipe). If you don’t have a leather belt you can easily get one from a second hand shop or pick up a faux one from a cheap high street store. It doesn’t have to be black you could make one in bright yellow if you wanted. 
I think it would look nice in the kitchen too for your kitchen towels. You could even make this for newspapers and magazines.. You can of course choose the length of the leather straps and the sticks to adapt it to your home. Make it exactly the way you want it!

DIY and photos all by Ohoh blog
Check out Ohoh blog for lots of other DIYs too. 
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  1. Autor says:

    Great idea….I like it!!
    Best regards, Frida

  2. Cool Hege, like this!!

  3. Hege Morris says:

    Thanks, Frida! x

  4. Hege Morris says:

    Thanks Marit! Love your site! hx