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Tuesday Tips – Fake Mantle


This beautiful mantle piece has been nicely decorated for Christmas. 

But as we don’t all have fireplaces, here’s what I suggest to do instead. 
Decorate a dresser, a shelf, a table or a window and show it off like it’s your mantle. 
You can use a garland or simply go out and pick some greenery from a bush or a tree.
Here are some ideas.
from December 2013 issue of Elle magazine
photo by Michael Graydon
photo by Spike Powell
We don’t have a fireplace, so here’s our shelf mantle.. 

Hope you liked today’s Tip

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  1. gudy herder says:

    I didn't know they were called fake mantle, and I always imagined having them around a fireplace. So I just learned something new. Thanks for sharing though, Hege! xx

  2. Hege Morris says:

    Hi Gudy,
    fake mantle was just something I made up.. They are really called garlands. You can get both real and artificial ones. hx

  3. Katrin says:

    Great Inspiration! Love the dresser and have to go and find some more green for my decoration!