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Tuesday tips – Green plants


This is something we haven’t seen for a while, but I think we’ll see more and more green plants in interior in the near future. I’ve kind of been hiding my plants when taking photos, but now I’ll include them. I’ve got a nice big one in my kitchen

To be honest, the rooms I’m going to show you simply wouldn’t look the same without the green plants, they look so fresh! Here’s my office again with open windows as it’s getting warmer. As you can see, my green plant is getting a bit of sunshine. 

A lot of the well known stylists now include green plants when they style. Imagine these rooms without the plants. A plant or two can really freshen things up. 
Hege in France Tuesday Tips photo Bolaget
Hege in France Tuesday Tips photo Bolaget
via La maison d’Anna G. photos credit Bolaget
Hege in France Tuesday Tips photo Daniella Witte
Hege in France Tuesday Tips photo Lotta Agaton
Hege in France Tuesday Tips photo Lotta Agaton
Nina from Stylizimo has demonstrated how much an effect a couple of green leaves can have.  She’s actually cut a couple of branches from a green plant and put them in a vase with some water. Nice idea. 
Hege in France Tuesday Tips photo Stylizimo
You could of course also go out and see what nature has to offer? I can’t with for the leaves to come out. SPRING we need you now, so we can decorate our homes with you. 
Hege in France Tuesday Tips photo Morten Mikkelsen
I even found an old news paper article from The Times about how to use green plants in decor. The article is from 1970, so yet again old trends become new. At least our photos and styling has improved. 
Do you have many plants in your home?
If you have plants you would like to show us please link below. 
Thank you for reading my weekly Tuesday Tips column

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  1. Lallabel says:

    I have few plants in my home because I'm not good at treating plants but I love them and every year I get some new hoping to learn how to treat them!

  2. Hege says:

    Oh dear.. poor plants! hx

  3. Ser ut som planta di kosar seg i sola:-) Eg har ikkje hatt typiske grøne planter på ti år men det spørs om ikkje det kjem til å snike seg inn nokre. Har også lagt merke til at det er meir in no og ein blir no litt påverka:-). Veldig fine bilder du viser og takk for hyggelege kommentarar hos meg:-) Ha ein fin dag vidare Hege! Klem mari

  4. I have some plants in my home and I love treat them. You can see at http://anavitri.blogspot.pt/p/blog-page_21.html#.UTYf_6LJQaA

    🙂 a big hug

  5. blooms says:

    J'adore les plantes. J'en ai plein la maison et en ai jamais assez. Je ne peux pas me passer d'elles. Ce sont le poumon vert de la maison!


  6. Velvet Moss says:

    Enjoying reading your blog! Gorgeous photos…an inspiration. Yes…love plants in a home, particularly herbs in the kitchen.

  7. Marite says:

    Everything looks so sophisticated and little accents of green looks so great. I have some cactuses though, but they are able to survive even if I forget to water them. 🙂 Have a wonderful day, Hege and thank you for leaving such a lovely comment in my blog. ^^ 🙂

  8. I really like seeing plants in photographs. They bring the room to life and add some color.

  9. Mariela says:

    Every room look so amazing, I love to have green in the house, it makes me happy.
    Your home look so beautiful, I wish I had a window with that light, amazing!
    Big hug dear!!

  10. tinajo says:

    I´ve always loved green plants, they make every room fresh!

  11. mel says:

    Gorgeous, I love plants in the home, it really makes such a difference to have living things. It's definitely becoming a bit of a trend again! Beautiful windows in your office BTW! Mel x

  12. ??? ???? says:

    So true i always have some green plants in my living room and my tip is to scatter little jars with leaves on shelves.

  13. I definitely agree with you that plants help make the place look more welcoming somehow. I love it! All home owners should definitely have some potted plants at their homes.