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Tuesday Tips – Bedroom workspace


With limited space for my office in our bedroom it’s all about being organised. In order to not completely take over the bedroom, I’ve stored everything I don’t need on a daily basis under the bed in storage boxes. This way I still have easy acces to things when I need them, but the bedroom doesn’t feel cluttered (neither does the office space).
I think the most important thing for a bedroom office is to face away from the bed. Ideally towards a window, but of course that’s not always possible. You need to create a feeling of NOT being in the bedroom. After all you’re “at work”.. 
For me it’s really important that my desk is easy to change.. you might have noticed that I change things (a lot), so (for now) I’m using a back to front canvas as shelves. I’ve hung up my calendar and surrounded myself with some nice memories and inspiring quotes. 

photo by me

I wrote this post before I left France. I now know that a bedroom workspace can be great and can work well, but remember to be organised and avoid clutter! Your space needs to feel inspiring. 
I’ll be back with more Tuesday Tips next week! Hope to see you then! 
It’s nice to be back!
Have a lovely day.

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  1. indiid says:

    hey Hege
    i love the idea with the canvas! wish my work place was as organised and neat as yours!

  2. Tibs says:

    Not an easy task but as seen in the pics it can work!

  3. Hei Hege

    Flotte tips!
    Og så liker jeg så godt det nye designet på bloggen din! Knallflott.

    Fin dag til deg
    Klem Tonje

  4. Mia says:

    Welcome back Hege,
    Thanks for the office ideas, will need them soon ^^

  5. Nannette says:

    Your workplace fits right in and is very inviting. I love the big lamp.
    I hope you'll be able to make yourself another work corner in your new home soon too. Good luck with that!

  6. El primero y el último me gustan mucho.

  7. I like your workspace very much!!

  8. My workspace was in my bedroom, then I started to feel like I was LIVING in my bedroom and depressed (sleeping and working in the same place), so I decided to put the office in the living room. Way better now. Phew!

  9. Also, it reminds me when I was a teenager and living with my mother… I did not want this feeling anymore 😛

  10. You're right Hege, a work space in the bedroom must be arranged to not disturb the tranquility of dreams 🙂

    See the giveaway on my blog, join 🙂
    All the best

  11. Marjory says:

    Your bedroom office is adorable. Love that it is contained.
    ~ Marjory @sacredflow

  12. un23 ilaria says:

    love your home office corner (and the idea of the canvas is something I will probably steal from you 😉 Everybody says to me that it is challenging to change home and rethink everything from scratch but there is so much energy in it, I just would like to have everything fixed asap 😉 Bon courage pour ton nouveau chez too xxx

  13. mel says:

    Hi Hege, welcome back! It's great to see you've got your lovely workspace sorted – it's so important. I don't have a space to work, I do it on the kitchen table with a lovely view but I do wonder if I'd work more efficiently if I had a little workspace somewhere… Mel x

  14. Katrin says:

    Hello Hege,
    all the guest posts were wonderful, but it's so good that you're back. All the best for you, and I'd love to see the bargain chairs! And sunny and rainy Scotland.

  15. Regus says:

    You're right, the most important thing for a bedroom office is to face it away from the bed and should be towards a window. Anyway, your bedroom space looks nice and inspiring indeed.