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Tuesday Tips – Kitchen details


Can’t afford your dream kitchen? Not to worry. Buy a basic one and dress it up. It’s all in the details.. 
An unusual lamp, a nice tray, some fresh herbs or a chopping board can really “put the dot over the I” as we say in Norwegian and doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can also display some of your cook books, tea towels, nice olive oil bottles or a collection of tea pots, coffee makers or trays to mention some. It’s all about making it look fresh, but also interesting. I love unusual details and vintage finds. 

photo Nick Pope
photos by Weekday Carnival
If there’s a DIY’er in you dip dye some tins, chopping boards or utensils to display on the kitchen counter. It’s really easy and fun. 

See you next Tuesday for more Tips

Disclaimer.. I’m not at all suggesting that these kitchens are cheap as I do of course not have any idea how much they cost. I’m just trying to demonstrate that you can use details to make your kitchen look great!

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  1. Katrin says:

    So much inspiration! Love the black and white, and the details, especially the knitted tea towel!

  2. un23 ilaria says:

    nice tips. I did it in my all white kitchen to brighten it up a little bit … and it worked 🙂 xxi.

  3. Mia says:

    Wonderful tips. Love the practical approach!

  4. Superb and inspirational ideas!! Kitchen is favorite part of my home because I have spent my most of the time there. Your kitchen looks fabulous and gets few impressive ideas for my kitchen. Thanks