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Tuesday Tips – Mirrors Outside


This is something I’d never given much thought, but when I saw this I was smitten. You couldn’t really put it a better way “Outdoor mirror = a window on the world”. How cute!

I started doing some research and this was what I found.. 

Mirrors outside in small gardens or on patios can have a huge impact. As they do inside, mirrors make a small place appear larger. 

photo Paul Raeside 


via and via
Here’s a beautiful vintage mirror on a cozy patio. 
Look at the view! 
You could of course take it one step further and cover a whole wall in mirrors!
photo MLRP
I think it’s probably best to put them inside in the winter, but I’m all for mirrors outside. Are you?!
Hope you’ll come back next week for more Tuesday Tips!

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  1. blooms says:

    Le rendu est vraiment réussi!!!
    Bonne journée Hege.
    Ici, il neige !!!

  2. Christina says:

    Love that round mirror (and the view in it!) That really is a nice idea. At first, I thought it would be a quite a pain to keep an outdoor mirror clean, but it wouldn't be any different than windows, right?

  3. Awena Robert says:

    Hi Hege,

    Indeed, what a nice idea to give the impression of a more spacious garden. I shall remember that for when I have a garden. It is a technique that is often used in Victorian houses' lounges, as the rooms can be quite narrow. They use large mirrors above the fireplace and it does make the lounge look bigger. So it's a great idea to do the same in small gardens, and it makes them more interesting too. Thanks!

  4. Nat L. says:


    C'est une excellente idée de placer un miroir dans un jardin, surtout s'il est petit ou mal éclairé. Je tenterai bien mais j'imagine qu'il faut le nettoyer tous les jours.
    Bonne journée !

  5. Lallabel says:

    I like the idea! True, they make a small place appear larger… great effect!

  6. Lynda says:

    great, sure will try it this summer!!!

  7. Great research! I never thought about this Hege!

  8. Krossmyra says:

    Stilig, hadde aldri kommet på det tror jeg:)

  9. Katrin says:

    Such a great idea – I have never thought of having a mirror outside – but it makes completely sense and is on my wishlist now! Thanks for this inspiration …

  10. Kaspara says:

    Hei Hege
    Har aldri tenkt på å ha speiler ute, men kanskje det nettopp burde kommet opp et speil i utestua. Takk for tips! Elsket bildene i forrige innlegg forøvrig, veldig inspirerende!
    Fin kveld til deg!
    Klem fra Kaspara

  11. tinajo says:

    Beautiful, makes it feel like the garden is surrounding you wherever you are!

  12. Lena says:

    You're so right – I've never thought of it, but it makes so much sense! I think generally some really great interior ideas can pop up when you try to apply something to a room that is normally not associated with it.

  13. mel says:

    I've never seen that before it's crazy and of course – why not? I wonder if it would get damaged though? Better under cover outside so it doesn't get damaged by the elements… Mel x

  14. toutes ces belles photos me donnent envie de repas en extérieur!!! 🙂
    belle soirée hege

  15. ReVinyl says:

    Har jeg aldri tenkt på…