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Tuesday Tips – Monochrome painting


Let’s talk about one coloured walls today. I don’t mean just simply painting a wall in one colour, but also adding for example shelves or letters. Monochrome painting. If you want to make a letter statement, but don’t want it to stick out too much, simply paint the letters the same colours as the wall.

Hege in France Tuesday Tips photo Line Klein
photo Line Klein
Hege in France Tuesday Tips photo Henri Del Olmo
Hege in France Tuesday Tips via spearmint baby
The same goes for shelves. If you want to draw attention to what’s on the shelves, more than the shelves themselves, paint the shelves the same colour as the wall just like here. It looks like the shelves are a part of the wall. 
Hege in France Tuesday Tips via Apartment Therapy

Hege in France Tuesday Tips photo Ryann Ford
Why not go all yellow!
Hege in France Tuesday Tips photo Jotun AS
photo Jotun AS
It also looks great here with empty frames. 
Hege in France Tuesday Tips

Hege in France Tuesday Tips Jason Grant via the Design Chaser
You can even paint your whole kitchen the same colour. 
photo Jean-Marc Palisse
I also love this styling, but it’s maybe a bit unpractical with painted cutlery.. 
Hege in France Tuesday Tips photo Maria Grossman
I’m looking forward to trying monochrome painting. Would you have a go?!
Hope you’ll be back next Tuesday for more Tuesday Tips
Have a nice day!

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  1. The blanck kid's room is original. I'm not sure I would choose this color. But I love all the other pictures.

  2. Ilaria says:

    I did monochrome painting at home to have my desk in the same colour of the wall and the result is stunning. A workspace in the dining-room isn't that pretty, but this way it's part of the wall 😉 Good tips Hege xx

  3. blooms says:

    J'aime beaucoup ces effets de peinture. Idéal pour structurer un espace…

    Belle journée à toi chère Hege.


  4. WeHeartHome says:

    Ohh yes! There but not. I find this a very cool idea.

    Xx. Holly.

  5. Aggy says:

    What a beautiful pictures Hege! I love all the black and white stuff! Were painting a wall in our bedroom with black chalk paint I'm very curious about the result!

    xx Aggy

  6. Good tip Hege and I love these photos! I love the kitchen, because the furniture pops out so beautiful like this.

  7. Katrin says:

    Yes, the kitchen is beautiful, but I love especially the first picture. I'm going to paint one of my walls in grey, I will paint a few frames in the same color and test it!

  8. Wonderful photos, and good ideas. Hadn't really thought of doing it like that – e.g. 3 D letters in the same color as the wall. It looks really nice!

  9. Cez says:

    such a great post!!!! <3