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Tuesday Tips – Pinterest


So today’s Tuesday Tips post is all about Pinterest. After last weeks Pinterest event in Glasgow I thought it was a good idea to share on my blog some of what I talked about. 

I’ve been busy on Pinterest since I joined in November 2012 (a year after I started my blog). You kind of get addicted in the beginning.. With close to 20 000 followers most of my blog traffic now comes from Pinterest. When I first started I had no idea how quickly my following would grow. 

As you’ll have followers in different countries and on different time zones it’s imporant to pin at different times of the day. I pin either when I look for inspiration or when I have five minutes to spare and want to be inspired. If you don’t find Pinterest inspiring – you’re following the wrong people. 

I think there are several important things to consider when you try to grow your following. A pin it button on your site – blog or shop, is really imporant. This basically makes it a lot easier for people to pin from your site and in many ways they help you promote your blog or products, so it’s a really good thing to have. Think of it as free and effortless advertising! 

I’m not very good at this myself, but describe your pins! It makes your pins come up when people are searching. 

Always pin to your own Pinterest account from your blog. In the beginning I felt a bit strange doing this as it kind of felt wrong, but your Pinterest followers won’t be the same as your blog followers. It’s important that you share your blog content with your Pinterest followers too.

Some photos do better than others on Pinterest. I would say that when it comes to interior design photos or product photos (which is what I mostly pin) they do better if they are styled. A photo of this black chair on it’s own won’t perform as well as a styled chair. Here’s the example I used last week. This styled photo will be put into totally different folders to the photo of a black chair on it’s own. 

This photo might be put in folders like poster, words, styling, lamp, corner, brick wall, chair, seat, monochrome, black and white, green plants, rustic floor, cushions, feather… That means that this photo will reach more people on Pinterest as it will end up in lots of different folders. This is of course really imporant if you have a shop, but also if you’re a blogger as it will give you more traffic. 

I also think it’s really important to link to old posts that you have written. For example every time I write a Tuesday Tips post there will be some new people visiting my blog, so I always include the link Tuesday Tips. This links to all Tuesday Tips posts I’ve written (of which there are many!). Because of the pin it button, every Tuesday, I see lots of images pinned from older tips posts. All I had to do was include the link in my new post. Make Pinterest work for you. 😉

Hope you’ve enjoyed today’s tip! 

ps! I recently found out that hashtags don’t work on Pinterest, so no need to add hashtags to your pinterest descriptions! 

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  1. Thanks loads for this! I just took the plunge and popped a blog up on my Pinterest page this morning…part of me 'putting myself out there', so I found this super helpful xx

  2. Hege Morris says:

    That's great, Hilda! Glad you found it helpul. hx

  3. Genial… je suis prete a accueillir le PINTEREST team pour faire pareil a LaMaisonPernoise 😉
    Bravo ton moodboard est subliiime!
    A bientôt Hege!