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Tuesday Tips – Rugcycle


Large mats and rugs can be very expensive, so why not create your own? How?! By sewing smaller mats together of course! I’ve tried.

I guess the word rugcycle is really meant for old rugs that are recycled, but as the word sounds so cool I just had to use it.

You can also use this as a way of adding colour. Here I’ve used pink thread to go with my green mats. It might even be possible to sew two rugs together with a sewing machine. Sadly my sewing machine would just laugh at me if I tried something like that, hence the hand stitching.
Hege in France Tuesday Tips rugcycle
Hege in France Tuesday Tips rugcycle
Amy cross stitched her hall runner to make it the size she wanted.
Hege in France Tuesday tips rugcyling photos Shop Yellow Hammer
Hege in France Tuesday Tips rugcycle via Skona Hem
Hege in France Tuesday Tips rugcycle via Elle Interior
Don’t want to do it yourself? In Sweden there’s a company called RugCycle.
They specialize in vintage rugs.

Hege in France Tuesday Tips rugcycle photo RugCycle

photo RugCycle

The great thing about rugcycling is that it doesn’t matter if the size of the rugs varies.
It just makes it interesting and different.

Hege in France Tuesday Tips rugcycle photo RugCycle

photo RugCycle

Hege in France Tuesday Tips rugcycle photo RugCycle

photo RugCycle

A rug can even be made too look shabby like here with threads hanging out.

Hege in France Tuesday Tips rugcycle photo RugCycle

photo RugCycle

Fancy having a go?! If you do, please link your project to this post as we’d all love to see it!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks Tuesday Tips!


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  1. Lallabel says:

    What a funny idea! You can obtain a personalysed rug with the preferred combination of colors and sizes… I love it and love the green of your mats!

  2. Quelle idée!!
    J'adore. En plus, parfois on trouve des tapis dans 'notre' budget mais pas assez grands. Voilà la solution, on pourrait agrandir sans fin …

  3. Awena Robert says:

    Hi Hege,

    I love the idea of the drawn up clock! What a clever idea if you don't have the budget to buy an oldish and authentic clock.

    Have a good week.

  4. Hello Hege? I've nominated you for the Liebster Award Congratulations!

    You can see it here:

    Greetings, Amelia.

  5. Tibs says:

    Great idea, Hege!

  6. Mars says:

    That's a great idea! Unfortunately I can't have rugs in my home, but I like them a lot!

  7. Quelle bonne idee! J'adore!!!

  8. Krossmyra says:

    Knallstilig, smart tips:)

  9. geraldine says:

    What a brilliant idea. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  10. mel says:

    Hege this is such a great idea and I love your rug with the pink stitching! Would love to get a bunch of vintage rugs and put them together actually. Great tip! M x

  11. WeHeartHome says:

    and another fabulous idea! I am actually having this problem right now. I'd like an area rug for my living room, and it should be no smaller that 2mx2m – which is really big! Everything I've found is way out of my price range. I will keep this in mind from now on.

    Xx. Holly.

  12. Just love the idea! Will try it out, for sure!

  13. Marit says:

    Wow! I love the black and white one!

  14. ReVinyl says:

    Nei og nei, det var jo akkurat dette jeg spurte om hjelp til på bloggen min for en stund siden! Hurra! Jeg har arvet flere filleryer som farmor og oldemor har laget. Synes det er så upraktiske og planla å sy de sammen til et stort teppe. Hadde tenkt noe ala det du har gjort, å sy stingene sammen med en kontrastfarge. Din ble superlekkert da!!

    Nå skal jeg inn og se mer hos rugsycle!
    Fin helg 🙂


  15. Being Tazim says:

    I've never thought to do that before with stitching 2 rugs together.