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Tuesday Tips – Trend Alert Mirrored Furniture


I was in H&M the other day and spotted something very glam.  They had quite a normal table top, but the trestles were mirror ones and they caught my attention. I’ve been looking for them ever since, but can’t find them anywhere.. Do you know where I can get them? I know you normally would look for clothes in H&M, but I’m easily distracted when it comes to cool furniture.. 

Next day, the AM. PM. catalogue arrived full of mirrored furniture.. Inspired by the film The Great Gatsby and art deco?!

Mirrors have the ability to not only add the illusion of space in your home, but provide a polished appearance. Add mirrored furniture in your bedroom for a Marilyn touch or take the traditional approach by using mirrors around your interiors.

West Elm

If you fancy having a go at making mirrored furniture yourself HERE’s a DIY. 
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  1. Le Style says:

    Love the first pic, lovely design!!

    Happy day


  2. Mariela R. says:

    Love the first pic too, great table, and the lamp too.
    Love Tuesday's tips!
    Big hug!!

  3. mel says:

    So an art deco revival thanks to Mr Luhrmann? Hope the packing (or lack of it) is going well Hege. When's the big move? M x

  4. Thanks for providing all of your above tips . All the tips are really essential for me. Because most of furniture in my house are made for mirror. Mirror furniture are really a sensitive furniture so all of your tips are truly effective to take care of my furniture