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Tuesday Tips – Trend ALERT Nordic Exotic


Hi there, my name is Kari Anne.  I am the founder of a new UK lifestyle store called White Punch and also the girl behind the White Punch Blog. I am so delighted that Hege would let me guest post here on her fabulous blog. Like Hege, I am a Norwegian living abroad and for the last 15 years I have been living in and around London, UK.
Today I would like to talk about the ways of mixing ethnic interior items into Scandinavian style homes.
I absolutely love a Nordic exotic theme in a home. You can really notice this trend in the big Scandinavian brands like House Doctor, Bloomingville, By Nord and especially Tine K Home. When you read interviews with the people behind the brands and what influences them and their design, then their travels and experiences while travelling always tops their list. Travelling is definitely something the Scandinavians are passionate about. I read an article the other day that Norwegians are the most travelled nation in the world and that their travelling tends to now take them much further away than before. Far away exotic places like  Mexico, Morocco, Bali and Thailand are top destination for many Scandinavians and we can really see it reflected in their interior. The simple and clean lines of Scandinavian interiors are the perfect canvas for adding items with a more ethnical feel and here are some suggestion on how to do so.
Plain walls can be decorated with strong bold ethnical prints or add some texture with glorious JuJu hats, which Hege wrote about earlier here.

Via and Via
Stools,  poufs and baskets with an ethnical feel are both practical and versatile. Mix and match for great effect.
Via and Via
Moroccan Rugs really adds character to a home. Dare to be bold or go for more subtle colour like this handmade cream and black rug.
Via and Via 
I love the way the natural colour of wood and straw can bring warmth to a room. Hang up your hats and baskets.
Via and Via 
Bring the outside in with tropical and interesting plants.
Include your special finds from your travels into your interiors, seen here done by the very talented stylist and photographer Hannah Lemholt
Here are some products from White Punch that can create that Nordic exotic look.

Till next time, -take care.
Kari Anne xx
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  1. -Mia- says:

    Åh, såå mye nydelig inspirasjon!!! Takk! 🙂
    Ha en strålende dag!

  2. White PUNCH says:

    Så hyggelig Mia 🙂
    K x

  3. Meu Canto says:

    Hi! I´m Rocío, an interior designer and deco blogger, I just dicover your blog and i love it, so I follow from now!! 🙂

    I love the nordic style, I think is one of the type of interiors that is never out of fashion.

  4. Christina says:

    This is my ideal combination. My two favorite styles are Scandanavian and Moroccan, and these photos are just dreamy.

    (I'd pin every one of these images if they were credited to the original source. Maybe I'll have time to look them up later.)

  5. I like this trend! Nice photos!

  6. mel says:

    Hi Kari Anne. I love mixing styles so you certainly got me there and you gave some great examples. It's certainly true about Scandinavians being good travelers, when I did the big travel, it was always us antipodean's with the Scandinavians occupying villages…:)

  7. White PUNCH says:

    Thank you so much for your feedback, much appreciated. Yes I realise now that some of the picture is not taken from the original source. I am pretty new to this and I am on a steep learning curve at the moment and learning as I go along. I am just starting out with the camera myself and I probably wouldn’t be very happy if I saw my pictures floating around and they were never credited to me. I have learned my lesson and will try and dig deeper on the pictures that do not have its original source. Glad you liked the theme 🙂
    Many thanks again,
    Kari Anne x

  8. White PUNCH says:

    I am sure Hege will appreciate it 🙂 Thank you.

    Kari Anne x

  9. White PUNCH says:

    Thank you!
    Kari Anne x

  10. White PUNCH says:

    He he, hopefully the Scandi’s didn't cause too much trouble 🙂
    Yes mixing styles is an absolute passion of mine. I mix rather than match, -though I haven’t been to all the countries represented in my home 😉
    Take care,
    Kari Anne x

  11. Katrin says:

    Thanks for this wodnerful guest post!

  12. Amazing post! Plus, I am dyiiiiing with the photos of Hannah Lemholt. GEE, she is a poet of photography!