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Tuesday Tips – Trend Alert Primary Colours


I know it’s hadly a new thing, but I keep seeing Primary Colours everywhere. Sometimes a little splash of colour can look great. Let’s introduce Blues, Reds and Yellows..

Primary colours can be added in many ways. It can be anything from a frame, a lamp a chair to a kitchen or a wall. One thing is for sure and that is Primary Colours really stick out. 

2. and 3. photo Adrienne Breaux
photo by me
Are you ready to introduce some Primary Colours to your home? 
Be as bold as you feel comfortable with. 
I’m thinking of buying a large blue rug for our living room. 
I think one needs a bit of colour in Scotland.. 

Tuesday Tips will be back next week with a DIY.

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  1. Katrin says:

    Oh yes, Scotland and colors sounds like the perfect combination! Beautiful pictures …

  2. gudy herder says:

    I personally don't like bold colors in the interior, the most I could do is probably a blue cushion. But yes, they say until 2015 we'll still see primary colors. In fact, Prada's S/S 14 collection is all about bold color schemes. And Miuccia knows a bit:-)