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living room showing two coffee tables styled in a minimalist, Scandinavian interior design

Two coffee tables instead of one


I’m still not bored of white rooms and love the light in this beautifully styled Scandinavian living room. The sofa is really dark, but in a light room like this you can get away with it. It doesn’t feel dark at all. It’s nice to see such a focus on green plants here, but what I like the most is the coffee tables.

I like thinking outside the box and really love this idea. Why not have two coffee tables instead of one? Two smaller tables in different shapes and size works really well. The plant stand next to the tables is also a brilliant idea. What do you think?

two coffee tables instead of one

gorgeous scandi living room with a focus on green plants two coffee tables and anna by love postertwo coffee tables and plant stand

photo by Stadshem

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