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Valentine ideas


Hope you’ve got something fun planned! If you’ve still not got anything prepared have a look at this. Some of these things are quick and easy to do. There’s even a printable. 

I wish I had been as organised as I wanted to be, but sadly I’m totally unprepared and need to sort something out today. I quite fancy “making” the dipped strawberries in white chocolate.. Are you prepared? Or do you not celebrate?

Hege in France Valentine's Day photo Martina Micko

Hege in France Valentine's Day Society6
Society 6

Hege in France Valentine photo Stylizimo

 photo Stylizimo

Hege in France Valentine's Day Barecelona

Hege in France Valentine's Day photo oh happy day

Hege in France Valentine's Day photo Annie McElwain
photo Annie McElwain 
Hege in France Valentine's Day photo Mer Mag
photo Mer Mag
Hege in France Valentine's Day photo Ps by Dila
There’s even a Valentine’s e-mag issue from Funkytimes if you are still looking for ideas. 

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  1. Nice inspiration, hope HE prepares something to me! aha ha!

  2. Very nice! I love the table decoration 🙂

  3. Laura R says:

    This is so bizarre. I just discovered you blog, and was looking through some of your posts. When I landed on this one, I thought the photo of the heart on the brick wall looked extremely familiar. I took a photo of that exact heart five years ago, and posted it on my blog:


    I took the photo in Portugal while I was travelling (I'm actually from South Africa). If you compare the bricks and their formation, you can see that it's the exact same one. So strange! Love your blog.

  4. Hege Morris says:

    Hi Laura,
    yes, that is the same one! How funny!!!
    thanks!! hx