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Wertvoll – location rental with character


It’s not often you come across a unique home like this one. Wertvoll is definitely a location rental with character. It’s located in Kempten, Germany. This stunning place works as a home, location rental and photography studio. Well travelled owners Petra and Eddie Reger and their 3 children have made this into a beautiful home. There are so many nice details everywhere and little vintage treasures too. This place has me dreaming of French bric-a-bracs.. We used to go to one or two every weekend.

This home is a perfect mix of feminine and masculine. The concrete floor works beautifully with the long, soft curtains. It looks stunning. With most things in black and white and the odd large piece of furniture in wood, it makes the wooden furntiture really stand out.

Another thing I really like is the industrial windows internally. I really need to set up a Pinterest board for this. Big love! It’s a great way of making a home feel more open and you get the bonus of a bit more light too. I can’t not mention the lighting here as it’s just perfect. The mix of designer and vintage works so well.

I think this makes for a perfect location rental (and an even better home). I would love to be able to style in a beautiful place like this one day. While I keep dreaming, have a look at the amazing photos.

wertvoll fotografie large dining room with long curtains


wertvoll fotografie black and white living room

wertvoll fotografie industrial glass wall


wertvoll fotografie location hire with character

wertvollfotografie-302 (1) wertvollfotografie-554


All photos by Wertvoll Fotograpie with thanks

Want to see more? I don’t blame you! Find more photos here.

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