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Winter moodboard challenge


I’ve teamed up with my friend Efrat from beautiful Cafe Veyafe to give you this challenge. We would like all of you to create a winter moodboard, but not just a moodboard, that would be too easy! Your moodboard has to convey a sense or feeling. We’ll be using the hashtag #moodboardchallenge, so please if you take part add the #. 

Here’s my example. These are all smells I associate with Christmas celebrations. The smell of the wooden fire, the freshly cut Christmas tree and eucalyptus, the gingerbread cookies baking in the oven… Are you with me?!

smells_of_christmas_pine_tree_fireplace_gingerbread_house1 2 3 4

So go start dreaming, gather some inspiration and don’t forget to come back and show us the result.


Here are the Rules: 


Create a winter inspired moodboard. The moodboard has to convey a sense or a feeling.
(if you don’t use your own photos please remember to credit the source properly)
Image file (JPG) dimensions of 800 pixels width (height by choice)
The end result must be stored on-line at any website, blog, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.
The board should be added to this page.





We’re really excited to have the champion of moodboards to judge our challenge. Gudy Herder teaches moodboard workshops and predicts colour trends. She also writes the inspirational blog Eclectic Trends.


What you can win:


There will be 2 first prices one on Cafe Veyafe and one on Hege in France. 2nd and 3rd place will be the two moodboards with the most votes over both sites. Sponsors and what you can win you’ll find HERE.

How it works:


During the competition contestants submit their boards on this page. The Closing date is Thursday, January 15th 2015 at 10pm.
There will also be a voting period where you can invite your friends to vote for your moodboard. You are allowed to raise your own social support and invite your friends to vote on your moodboard (each IP gets a 3 votes). So you can basically add points to support you winning the challenge.
The two winners (on on Cafe Veyafe and one on Hege in France ) will be chosen by our judge Gudy Herder.


How to upload the pictures:


Click on the blue URL button below, add your name and email address, choose a picture and confirm.
Please remember to credit your photos.


Good luck!!! Don’t forget to use our hashtag #moodboardchallenge.

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  2. milartist says:

    Hello Hege,
    Are there a limited number of photos ?
    Can i give a link to a pinterest board or should I post one board, well design with all my pictures ?
    Thank you and best wishes !

  3. Hege says:

    You can choose the number of photos you use in your jpg.
    We use this Pinterest board, so we will make sure it’s pinned to it.
    Looking forward to seeing your moodboard! You can see ltos of examples on the board above.

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