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boost your mood with natural light

AD VELUX – The Benefits of Daylight on Wellbeing


In the UK, we know all too well the effects a long winter can have on our mood, especially when we live in older homes that weren’t built with daylight in mind. We don’t always feel the full extent the colder, darker months can have on us until spring emerges with the promise of longer, brighter days and warm sunshine. I’m sure you’re already beginning to feel brighter yourself, more motivated perhaps? Find out more about the amazing benefits natural daylight can have on wellbeing.

With more of us taking on self-build and renovation projects, larger windows are becoming the norm, part of our DIY DNA if you like. Do you have a certain spot in your home that never sees the light?

When we first moved into our home, the kitchen was narrow and gloomy, something that couldn’t be fixed with just a tin of white paint (although I’m still an advocate of neutrals!) Since we made the decision to extend it to make the most of the daylight, the benefits have been enormous.

Together with VELUX, I’m exploring the ways in which letting more daylight and ventilation into our homes can improve our wellbeing. According to recent research from the World Health Organisation, we can spend up to 90% of our time indoors, so it makes sense to introduce as much of the outdoors in as we can.

Biophilic Design

You’ll know I’m partial to a houseplant or two, but did you know that biophilic design goes beyond indoor planting? Its roots are based on the principle that we should be able to see out into our surroundings to connect us with nature. The advantage of this is that we feel more in touch with our environment and larger windows help increase the feeling of space. Take a look at the impact the VELUX CABRIO balcony has in opening out this loft conversion.

VELUX - The Benefits of Daylight

green plants and plenty of daylight

Boost Your Mood

There’s a reason why daylight is so important to our wellbeing. Our bodies need a good 30 minutes of sunlight every day to keep our vitamin D levels topped up and did you know that regular daylight can also improve your quality of sleep too? There’s a good reason why you’ll often find me sitting by our French doors – I love to sit here with my morning coffee before I tackle the day. You can also see how we added Velux roof windows to boost natural light (and air) in our home here.

VELUX - The Benefits of Daylight

boost your mood with natural light

Energy Efficiency

It’s important to consider how efficient our homes are, for financial and environmental reasons. Installing energy efficient vertical glazing and roof windows is a sustainable option that will reduce the cost of your energy bills, using heat from natural sunlight and cutting out draughts that could be leaking warm air. Who doesn’t love free heating?!

VELUX - The benefits of daylight

green plants and good ventilation to boost air quality

Improve Your Air Quality

There are all sorts of hidden pollutants in the air in our homes. It’s easy to forget to open your windows, especially in the colder months when we’re eager to maintain a cosy environment indoors. Aside from dust particles, we may also be breathing VOCs released from paints, cleaning and air freshening products as well as bi-products from fireplaces and heating appliances. Aside from keeping houseplants that help to purify the air, ventilation really is the best tonic. VELUX recommend doing this two to four times a day. Smart home systems like VELUX ACTIVE have sensors that can monitor your indoor climate and automatically adjust your roof windows accordingly – great if you don’t have time to run around opening them! Have you seen how much these VELUX INTEGRA® roof windows have transformed this kitchen extension? Hardly surprising it’s one of my most popular posts!

VELUX - The Benefits of Daylight

cosy home with natural light and green plants

VELUX - The Benefits of Daylight

unique home with roof windows in the dining room

VELUX - The Benefits of Daylight

Scandinavian dining room with natural light

This post was written in collaboration with VELUX.  All views are my own. Pictures from VELUX.

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