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Meet the artist behind VL Design


Today I’ll be sharing with you an interview with a Swedish artist I discovered whilst in Stockholm. With more and more new products, I’m looking forward to seeing more from this Småland based brand. Let’s find out more about VL Design!

Meet the artist behind VL Design

What’s your background?

My name is Jennie Jehander. I live with my partner Richard in Växjö, a town in the south of Sweden. Earlier I worked in preschool with children up to five years of age.

I’ve always had a great interest in creativity and I love working with my hands. All the time there has been a strong creative part of me, whether it has been a question of creating a product or running a business. That’s what I’m passionate about.

My partner earlier worked in a painting company where he painted kitchen hatches and other furnishings for the home. Then I began to see the possibilities with this handicraft and how fantastic it is to be able to transform old into new.

So in 2015 we started our own painting company, Växjö Lackering. We turn to both private individuals and companies and perform painting of kitchen hatches, doors and other furnishings. Soon after I also started VL Design which is the other branch of the company. It focuses on reuse and new production of furniture and furnishings. I design and manufacture for the most part all products myself. From the beginning VL Design was about giving old furniture new life. We bought old worn furniture that we with our crafts turned into new and totally unique. We renovated them, gave them new colour and new fittings.

Today VL Design also focuses in new production of for example a cabinet, pedestals and a coffee table of our own design. We offer the unique possibility to get the furniture in optional colour. Beyond our furniture we have a collection of candlesticks that we have designed and partly produce ourselves. For the most part our design follows a minimalist and simple style. That´s the way we like it. The latest creation is a collection of sculptures where I create unique objects in a minimalist and clean design. They are small details that contribute to the whole in home decor being inspiring and more personal.

Meet the artist behind VL Design


What does your work aim to say?

Most of what I create regardless of whether I design or create it myself by hand has a minimalist expression. It’s a design that I think fits most homes and feels timeless. I also want to create details that feel unique and contribute to a personal touch in the home.

Meet the artist behind VL Design

What work do you most enjoy doing?

I love being creative. It doesn’t matter if it is about painting a furniture or creating in clay. To use my hands and see how something eventually takes shape is the whole thing. The process itself is absolutely fantastic and it inspires me to be able to experiment.

Meet the artist behind VL Design

Who are your biggest influences?

There are so many, it’s difficult to mention an individual, but I am very inspired by other talented creative people, those who dare to take the step and invest in something they believe in. There are so many clever entrepreneurs living on their design and their creativity and I love to cooperate with like-minded people.

Meet the artist behind VL Design

Where do you find your inspiration?

I love to experiment and I find much of my inspiration in the nature and in the Scandinavian design. I like organic shapes and the abstract and I am very much drawn to earthy colours. I also like the simplicity of objects. The simplicity itself gives a wonderful expression and leaves room for the imagination. I love to develop new products and through that I also develop myself. For me, one need not exclude the other, and within art there are no limitations. That`s what is so wonderful about creation, there is no right or wrong. And getting to work with all these different kinds of materials such as wood, clay, steel and so on gives much satisfaction.

Meet the artist behind VL Design

What would be your dream project?

Currently I cooperate with many different home stylists around Sweden. It is fantastic to get my products involved in such beautiful environments in connection with their styling. This is something I definitely want to continue with. Recently my products also joined the company Design Of`s stand that the styling duo Sundling Kickén styled at the latest Stockholm Furniture Fair 2019. This kind of context is so fun to be part of and it feels extra honourable because I am inspired a lot by their work.

Meet the artist behind VL Design

Meet the artist behind VL Design

How does your studio look like?

Our painting workshop is housed in a building of approximately 300 square meters. Next to it is my studio which is about 100 square meters. Here I have a room with materials and office part. In a larger room are our furniture and furnishing products and a photo department where I photograph my products.

Meet the artist behind VL Design

Meet the artist behind VL Design

Where can we buy your work?

You can find our products here:

Boligheter, Melab, Hilkeindesign and Lokal koncept.

These are retailers of our candlesticks.

All products from VL Design are also available for purchase directly from our website.

You also find more inspiration on our Instagram @vldesign_

Meet the artist behind VL Design

Thank you so much, Jennie! I’m looking forward to following you.

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