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Cashmere – wall colour perfection


I’ve been thinking of painting a wall for a while now, but I’ve not been quite sure of which colour to choose. When I saw this colour, (Cashmere Matt Lady Balance by Jotun) I was smitten! It looks amazing. With mostly black and white decor in our home, I think this colour would be perfect. It makes black and white really stand out and it also looks great with light wood. I think a touch of brass would work well too. I think this could be it! The Cashmere colour would work with all the colours I mentioned in this post about neutral tones.

Then I had a look to see where I can buy this paint. I don’t know where to buy Jotun paint in the UK. In Norway I lived really close to the Jotun paint factory.. I need to do some more searching. I really like this colour! What do you think?! I’m thinking it would look great on one wall in our living room with a minimal picture wall.. Taking about picture walls I’ve got a large Pinterest board with lots of nice ideas.

The amazing styling and photos is by Alvhem Mäkleri.

cashmere wall paint by Jotun styling Alvhem Makleri




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The coolest door stopper idea I’ve ever seen.

amazing door stopper idea

photos by Alvhem Mäkleri

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  1. un23 ilaria says:

    I had a similar colour, slightly lighter, in our bedroom in Paris. It was Joa’s white by Farrow and Ball. Have you tried it? it might work as well. xx

  2. Rita says:

    Sende en mail til Jotun og be om fargekoden? Så lenge du har fargekoden så kan jo hvem som helst blande den til deg.