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Concrete heaven – a different kind of store


We once lived in China. In fact we were there for just under a year. It was 2002, so things have moved on a lot. We did visit Shanghai, and let’s say it’s changed a bit since we were there.. (what an understatement!) There were bikes everywhere, and it really made a huge impression on us. We’ve got friends who live in Shanghai and on their last trip to Scotland they told us that lots of restaurants now have ipads and that’s how you make your order. So it’s not just moved on it’s moved into the future! Same goes for new fashion concept store Heike. It’s amazing!

It’s without a doubt one of the coolest stores I’ve ever seen and I would love to visit one day! The store was designed by An Design Studio. You might think this is located in the middle of busy Shanghai, but no.. It’s not on the high street, rather in a residential apartment block on the 3rd floor in the suburban outskirts of Shanghai. Not an obvious place, but still the coolest. I don’t even think the word minimal works here. Let’s just call it exclusive!




photos by Wang Min and Liu Yujie


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