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Choosing colours for our home renovation


You might have seen that we’ve finally bought a new home. I’ll be talking a lot about our home renovation project in the months to come.

This is still my favourite when it comes to colours, or rather a lack of colours. The warm wood looks great with the contrast of the black and white. In our new home we’ll have a lot of dark wood. It’s a feature of the house and although most people ask us if we’re removing it or painting it white, we’ve decided not to. We like it the way it as and want to keep at most of it. It’s a part of the house and the original design. I’ll show you more soon. We’ll get the keys in a couple of weeks. For now I’m doing research, a lot of research. I’m looking for nice flooring, radiators, a kitchen, bathrooms, furniture, lighting, paint.. you name it! It’s a big job, but we’re all really excited about it. Our new home has nice big windows, a great view and an everygreen garden with lots of beautiful shrubs. We can’t wait to get the keys.

black white and wood combo for our home renovation

photo by Stadshem check out the rest of the apartment here

I will be introducing some colours too. I don’t want our entire home to be black, white and wood. For now nothing is set in stone and I keep changing my mind all the time. I think we have to spend some time at the house before any big decisions are made. When you view a house you don’t really have time to look at the details, so it’ll be nice to be able to see properly what will work.

Talking of colours, the stunning mix below by Kahler Design is just perfect. I wonder if I could be that brave. I love the velvet chair too. The black and white vases called Fiora by Stine Goya are on my long wishlist.

fiora pot by kahler

photo by Kahler

I’m still crazy about this colour, but for which room? I’m not sure yet. I’ve also got a few DIY projects I would love to do. I saw a really nice console table made from plywood when I was in Antwerp. It’s super easy to make, so I’ll definitely be making one and creating a step by step guide for you to follow.

Have you noticed the Terrazzo trend!? I really like it and I’m not excluding this either. I know, I’m all over the place. One day is this and then I see something else on Pinterest that I really like.. Decisions! I think I have to set up a board for each room of our home renovation. I’ve been thinking aobut doing that for a while, but it’s so hard to narrow things down.

terrazzo notebooks home renovation colour inspiration

Etsy shop FormMaker

What would you do if you were doing a big home renovation project? And where do you start when there’s so much to do?!

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