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Different styles


It’s the last day of the holidays for Magnus, so we did nice things today. We spent the day together, away from computers, and then he went to a Birthday party. So tomorrow it’s back to normal again with school and work. Hopefully I’ll even get to reply to your sweet messages. I’m kind of drowning here, but I’ll get there in the end. 
I’m working on two rooms for B&Q (a large DIY chain in the UK, by large I mean 321 stores and over 30 000 employees!). They have a campaign for rooms, so I’m doing a before and after of both our bedroom and living room. Can’t wait to show you what I’ve done. The rooms are completely different in style. One is Eclectic the other Nordic. I really like the different styles in the two rooms. Who said that all rooms in your home have to be the same style?! Do you think I can pull off an eclectic style? Me being scared of colours and all that.. hm.. #challengeyourself
I’ll be back tomorrow with a Tuesday Tips post. Until then.. 
Have a lovely evening! 

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  1. Love the graphic black and white paper on those hats!
    (and you blog btw!)

  2. un23 ilaria says:

    pretty curious to see how your "eclectic room" will look like 😉 have a lovely evening and see you soon back here! xx

  3. Hege-I can't wait to see what you've done for B&Q!! 🙂

  4. Så spennande! Gler meg til å sjå resultatet! Klem

  5. qué lindo!!! ???

  6. gudy herder says:

    Please share as soon as possible. And yes I do believe you'd pull together an amazing eclectic style!