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Tuesday Tips – Spray paint old figurines


I’ve written about spray paint before, but this is slightly different. Eclectic style is quite trendy just now and I see more and more strange ornaments appearing. I love upcycling and this is so easy. Take a normal figurine or ornament and transform it into an eye catcher by simply giving it a new colour. Spray paints even come with primer added now, so it’s not even necessary to prime things first. There’s one thing I would love to see though and that’s smaller cans. You don’t want to spray everything one colour as it’ll be too much of the same. I always have to make myself stop when I’m in spray painting mode (is that a thing?). You could easily take it too far. (WARNING!)

So these are the kind of ornaments I’m talking about. I frankly wouldn’t look twice would you? I almost have to look away, which is what I have been doing for the last 37 years.

If figurines looked like this however my eyes would be quite happy.

Etsy shop Thrash Things (love the name)

A bit of spray paint can even give offer a new life for garden gnomes.

photo Kittyrobot
This two toned parrot in black and white also looks amazing. 

photo by Paul Raeside

photo M&A Decor

If you want your home to be different visit charity shops and bric-à-bracs or even find things in the street. I don’t mean that you have to buy everything 2nd hand of course, but a few special things. 

Tomorrow I’m going charity shop hunting in Glasgow with a friend. We’ll be looking for weird ornaments and Christmas ideas.. Hoping to find an animal lamp too. Should be fun! I’ll show you what I picked up soon.  Pre and post spray paint. I’ll be back with more Tuesday Tips next week. Hope you’ll link below if you’ve done a project like this one. 


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  1. Mia says:

    Love this! I will try some, your post made me want to ^^

  2. Christina says:

    I've done this too. A bulldog (similar to the one in the picture) and a fox painted pink in my office, and a big parrot in the dining room painted mint green.

  3. I love the "trash things" figures! x Fem (http://www.femkeido.blogspot.nl/)

  4. mel says:

    Such a fab idea Hege and they look sooo much better – such a simple idea. Thanks and hope that you're settling in xox M