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Guest Post – Her Indoors


Hege has very kindly invited me to guest post here on her wonderful blog – a terrifying prospect for me – she has such a good eye and her posts are very selective.
For years now my husband, photographer, Douglas Gibb, and I have been creating features for interiors magazines. We work together on the business, he is out on shoots and I am in the office for the most part, making appointments and sorting everything out in advance.

I write a blog about our work called Her Indoors. Hege asked me to write for her about something I had styled. This beautiful loft space in Edinburgh came to mind. An old favourite… The owner had been inspired by, the original, Industrial Warehouse Living movement, which started in New York… where people moved in to completely unstructured spaces, to live and work and simply put a mattress on the floor. Andy Warhol famously paid $100 dollars a year for his!

Graham stayed as close as he could to this starting point, while allowing himself a few mod cons, such as a fitted kitchen and a bathroom, he even bought himself a bed, actually, especially for the shoot!

all photos by Douglas Gibb
The shoot was an inspiration to me and Grahams ideas have stayed with me for a long time. Lighting was very important to him and he had got it right at an early stage. ‘Light the edges of a room, Alison’ he advised. I have always kept that in mind and thanks to Graham, the rooms in our home are all gently lit, at the edges…

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