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Tuesday Tips – DIY plant pot holder


When I saw this swan in a Charity shop I had to have it. It cost me 80 pence. Birds and animals are increasingly popular and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with this. 
Instead of leaving the swan a dirty white colour I spray painted it with some copper spray paint. I had some paint left over from another project. You really don’t need much paint for this. 
The plan I had was to make my swan ornament into a plant pot holder. It’s such an easy project and it turns this unwanted and not so pretty swan into something unique. The ugly duckling and all that.. 

The tiny Ivy plant cost me a pound, so in total this project cost about £3. Not bad for a cute little eye catcher on your window sill. 

Hope you’ll be going out searching for potential plant pot holders in Charity shops. You’ll also be supporting a good cause, so that’s a bonus! Hope to see you back next Tuesday for some more Tips!

ps! Spray paint –  be really careful and don’t rush. The paint will run if you put it on too heavily and that doesn’t look very nice, so put on a very thin coat. However, if you make a mistake – let it dry, sand it off with very fine sandpaper and try again. Always leave things to dry for at least 20 mins before you touch. I know it’s hard, but it’s worth the wait. 

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  1. Petra K. says:

    toll !

    so sieht der Schwan gleich viel schöner aus ;o)
    LG Petra

  2. Hege Morris says:

    Thank you so much!