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Highlights from 3 days of design Copenhagen


3 days of design Copenhagen could have actually been 7 days, if you ask me. There was so much to see, all amazing of course, but it was impossible to see it all in the two days I was there. I wish I had more time to see it all.

The biggest impression I took away from Copenhagen was the way brands collaborate. I hope to see more of this in the UK. I think it’s something brands should do more of. The AUDO was a great example of this. Another important subject was sustainability and using recycled materials.

Here are my highlights from 3 days of design.

New Works and Lotta Agaton

New Works showroom curated by Lotta Agaton Interiors showed how it works so well to use pieces from ceramic artists, textiles and paint colours to enhance the lamps and furniture from New Works. In the beautiful setting of an amazing old building, this is a Nordic design showroom at it’s best. It’s not cluttered, the focus is on a few stunning pieces, but look closely and you find lots of nice details.

Highlights from 3 days of design Copenhagen

Nordic living room with dark neutral colours

Highlights from 3 days of design Copenhagen

moody Nordic work space with large desk


I’m really happy I made it to the opening of the AUDO. A concept store, boutique residence, material library, restaurant, café, creative work and event space, The Audo is a hybrid, uniting design, work-life, hospitality and community in one. It also hosts the MENU showroom. As you can imagine, it was very busy and we all loved it. It’s such a brilliant collaboration between brands and well thought out space. I will tell you more about this space very soon.

Hightlights for 3 days of design Copenhagen

Nordic boutique hotel room in neutral colours

Highlights from 3 days of design Copenhagen

The opening of the AUDO Copenhagen

“Senses” by Louisa Grey & Frama

I went to an exclusive event at FRAMA and it was so inspirational. I think it’s great to hear people talk about getting away from screens and being present, so Louisa Grey’s talk was brilliant. I think we could all learn from it. I’ll let you know more from this collaboration soon.

The different shapes and textures in this showroom makes you want to touch everything and then go home and redo everything in your home.

Highlights from 3 days of design Copenhagen

Natural Wood Japanese Soaking Tub at FRAMA

Highlights from 3 days of design Copenhagen

old apothecary building with new design pieces

Karimoku and NORM Architects at KINFOLK

Visiting the Kinfolk Gallery was a treat, as I love it so much after seeing photos of it. I especially like open shelves below.

During 3daysofdesign 2019,  NORM Architects launched contemporary lifestyle brand, Karimoku Case Study with an exhibition at the Kinfolk Gallery.

The brand’s first furniture collection is designed by Norm Architects and Keiji Ashizawa. You can see some of the designs below. A mixture between Danish and Japanese design aesthetics. Definitely one to follow!

Highlights from 3 days of design Copenhagen

Danish and Japanese design aesthetics

Highlights from 3 days of design Copenhagen

minimal open shelves in oak

Adorno’s exhibition

I stumbled upon Adorno‘s exhibition close to the Audo. The building is stunning and the talented artists exhibited there have been curated by founders Kristian Snorre Andersen and Martin Clausen. I was lucky to go on a tour with Kristian, but unfortunately due to limited time, the tour was short.

Created by Andredottir & Bobek behind Artsign, the wall piece MOMENTUM, is unique and very interesting.

wall piece MOMENTUM

Highlights from 3 days of design Copenhagen

There was a lot to take in and I have so many photos to share with you. Which one is your favourite showroom or collaboration?! I would love to hear! I’m not sure I could pick one. They were all great in different ways.

I stayed at SP34 whilst in Copenhagen and love it. I’ve stayed there before, see more here.

highlights from 3 days of design Copenhagen 2019

messy bed at SP34 Copenhagen

highlights from 3 days of design Copenhagen 2019

moody hotel corner with design furniture

all photos by me

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