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Today, we’re off to visit a Stockholm apartment with lots of great DIY project ideas. I’ve been following Simon @simonsonemanshow for quite a while. I’m happy he wanted to share some photos of his beautiful apartment and a bit about himself.

My name is Simon, I live in Stockholm, Sweden, where I’m from. I grew up in a family of musicians and designers, so I’ve always had an interest for both. I’ve been working as a songwriter for the past 8 years, signed to Universal Music Publishing, but music has always been a passion. I’ve been writing for a lot of different artists, both here in Sweden and in the UK.

I have always had an interest for design, mostly clothing tho, but my interest for interior design came when I had my last apartment styled. It was amazing how a stylist could completely transform my ugly bachelor pad into a chic, bright studio apartment. This happened in 2016, and my interest just grew bigger and bigger. Want to see what it used to look like? Click here!

At first I was really into Scandinavian mid-century furniture, along with 60’s style decor, which I still am in a way.


Coffee Table DIY

I love DIY and tend to do a lot it. Bedside tables made from stools, and headboards, but the DIY I’m most happy about is my coffee table.

I’d seen a lot of very simplistic Japanese style tables in solid oak, which I love, but they were either way too expensive or way too far away, so I decided to make my own.
I made it from the Ikea cabinet doors Ekestad. I love the oak veneer and the look of it. It’s not the real deal, but it’s very stable and it cost me like a 100 euro. I’ve had it for 2 years now, and it’s gonna stay here for years to come!


I’ve changed a lot during the past few years, and so has my taste. It seems I’m turning more and more into a minimalist every day! I really love a mix of Japanese/Scandinavian/French design, that really puts focus on the few pieces and materials.

Why I have chosen this style I think is because of all the stress and the chaos in my head, haha. If I make the outside look calm and soothing, it calms me mentally.

During quarantine I’ve tried to keep busy, doing creative things, either music or design. I’ve been taking pottery classes, but I don’t have the equipment to make proper ceramics at home. So I ordered some self-curing clay and started to play around with it, different shapes and bowls. It turned out pretty well, I like the minimalist crisp look of them, but I only use them as decoration, since they’re way too fragile!

3 accounts that inspire me every single day is @idavikfors @sundlingkicken and @annie_lindgren

I hope you’ve all enjoyed peeking into Simons’s Stockholm apartment. I can’t wait to see what DIY project he comes up with next!

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