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Hula Hoop DIY


Not even sure if you can really call this a DIY it’s more of a quick transformation or just plane simple fun! I had a meeting in Glasgow the other day. While I was there I saw a woman come out of the pound shop with some Hula Hoops.. My instant thought was of course, that would look cool in black! So yesterday I went off to the pound shop searching for Hula Hoops and I got two. I didn’t get two because I needed two, but because I new mine would be kidnapped by Magnus if I only got one.. He was by the way outside playing with his all evening!
So all I had to do was strip the hula hoop of glittery paper, then spray it black  The whole project took about half an hour, as you of course have to let it dry, then turn it over the spray the other side. I think my £1 was well spent. 

I then had some styling fun. What do you think? I think the hula hoop looks way better black. 
Have a lovely day!

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  1. Anneke says:

    W À U W! Love it!
    What a great idea and beautiful styling.
    Love it Hege! X

  2. Hege Morris says:

    Thanks, Anneke! Glad you like it! hx

  3. PASiNGA says:

    love it

    geometric minimalist – perfect

  4. Hege Morris says:

    Thanks, Pasinga!