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It’s getting darker and it’s time for cosy nights in


With darker evenings, I find it quite hard to go back out again and prefer cosy nights in. I try to go for walks during the day and spend as much time as possible outside in the daylight. I guess we all have a different opinion when it comes to what a cosy night is, but for me, it involves a comfy seat and a pot of herbal tea. My favourite is lemongrass and ginger. Have you tried it? If not, you’re missing out. It’s so nice.

We’ve all heard the word hygge by now, and I think the word describes cosy nights in really well. Candles, music, tea, magazines.. The Autumn and Winter season is when I go to the shops and hunt for gorgeous scented candles, warm blankets and cushions. It’s all about keeping warm and cozy. I even light candles for breakfast in the morning.

I’ve recently bought a book by Gabriella Bennett called The Art of Coorie. It’s all about Coorie – or còsagach in Gaelic –  the Scottish version of hygge. I can’t wait to read more of it whilst sipping hot tea.

I get a lot of inspiration from nature, so for me it’s natural to bring the outside in all year round. In addition to my growing green plant collection, I’ve brought in grasses and even got some new prints for Autumn. As the big trend just now is beige, our sofa is spot on. We got it just before Christmas last year. You can read more here.

Some evenings I spend on my own in the living room, but there are of course times when we all get cosy on the sofa and spend time together as a family. One thing is for sure and that is that you can never have enough blankets. It’s a great way of adding gorgeous textures and colours too. Just how trendy is camel and mustard colours just now? They’re everywhere. I really like them and have bought a couple of things already this season. I’m sure my scented candle collection will increase this season too. I love the woodwick candles with the soothing sound of a crackling log fire when burning. They are perfect for homes without a real fireplace.

It's getting darker and it's time for cosy nights in

Cosy nights on a comfy sofa



It's getting darker and it's time for cosy nights in

Tea and a good book to read

It's getting darker and it's time for cosy nights in

Coorie in the City

It's getting darker and it's time for cosy nights in

Japanese teapot with ginger and lemongrass tea


It's getting darker and it's time for cosy nights in

Candles and a good book for a cosy night in


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