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Kitchen styling for Custom Fronts


I’ve already posted a few photos from my kitchen styling for Custom Fronts on Instagram. I wanted to show you a bit more, as the kitchen is stunning. This clients kitchen has IKEA units, but all the fronts, side panels and shelves were custom made in Brighton by the craftsmen at Custom Fronts.

The beautiful Nordic birch plywood stands out, but at the same time softens the look of the kitchen. I think it’s great that the designs are so timeless and love the choice of creating a two toned kitchen. I think it works really well.

The stunning open shelves (also made by Custom Fronts) makes the kitchen look complete. I love the way you could easily style them a completely different way and change them when you feel like it. They can be functional and for display at the same time.

When it comes to kitchen design, it’s all about the little details and there are plenty here. I loved styling it and hope you like it too.

Amazing photographer Martina Ciliento took these beautiful pictures.

Both AB Architects and Revamp designs helped the client with the renovations.

If you would like to see more from Custom Fronts hop over to their website or follow on Instagram. They have such an inspiring account.


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